BUILDFROG is the link to the future of building trades. BUILDFROG, LLC is a collective effort of K&L Clarendon. They have collective backgrounds in Customer Service, Business Management, Banking & Human services. They, among others have witnesses the Business of College Education replace the need for Job Fit. Rather than vent about the Gap between High School graduates and good-paying jobs, they create a business whose aim is to bridge the divide.

BUILDFROG will be working together with Employers, Unions and Apprentice training programs to provide a service that is highlighted to the next generation of Builders. There will be a presence at job fairs, classrooms and other local institutions to show parents and students how rewarding and easy it is to venture into building trades.

BUILDFROG recognizes the importance of education. There is also a balance in education where one can prepare for their own future rather than one supporting higher education as business. Special opportunities will be available to help apprenticeship programs and unions access our services as a means towards our common goals.

If additional information is required from our team, please use the Contact button below to reach us.

Thank You and Welcome to BUILDFROG.